Stéphane Mallard
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Stephane Mallard is an entrepreneur, author & speaker. He’s the founder of Casual Shake.

Born in France with many long trips in the U.S. as a kid, he learned coding when he was 12. He graduated in Economics at University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada and got his Master’s at Sciences Po Paris, France. He occupied several positions on digital transformation in consulting, financial and tech firms.

He launched Casual Shake in 2018 and gives may talks throughout Europe and the U.S. in corporations, schools and for the general public, to raise awareness on the impact that the digital revolution brings about and harness his potential both as a business and for personal growth.

His talks are inspiring and a bit provoking, but always conveyed in an enthusiasm fashion as he believes technology creates a brighter future for all, with addressable challenges. His goal is to empower the audience with concrete and specific ways to prepare for the coming decades. He often says that his talk is “like reading 50 books within an hour !”

He’s the best selling author in France of the book Disruption : Artificial Intelligence, end of salaried jobs, augmented in humanity.

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