Patrick Baudry
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When in 1980 CNES (French Space Agency) opened a recruiting process, Patrick Baudry was selected from a pool of 2000 candidates and spent the next two years at the Star City, near Moscow, undergoing the standard training process given to Soviet cosmonauts.

He participated in the first French-Soviet space flight as back-up crew member. On 23rd March, 1984, the first French-American space flight was decided, and he joined the Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas. The launch took place on 17th June, 1985, from Cap Canaveral. He had the responsibility of a scientific and medical program for French and American research laboratories. After 112 orbits around the Earth, at an altitude of 400 kilometers and at a speed 7.8 kms/sec, Discovery landed on 24th June, 1985.

On 1st March 1986, Patrick Baudry was appointed to become advisor for manned space flights at Aerospatiale. He was the Test Pilot for the European space plane Hermes, for which Aerospatiale was industrial prime contractor. He founded in July, 1989, in Cannes-Mandelieu, the first European Space Camp, Space Training Center for the preparation for life in space. Patrick Baudry is advisor for manned space flights at EADS, and SeniorTest Pilot for Airbus Industrie.

He is a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, and a board Member of the Foundation for Olympic Truce (C.I.O).

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