Lorraine Jenks
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Change agent, tireless activist, thought leader and multiple award winner, Lorraine Jenks has followed climate change, responsible lifestyle, sustainability, environmental and greening trends for 49 years.

Her experience in sustainability began in California in the 70s, working with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) before returning to South Africa to serve for 15 years as Contracts and Procurement Manager for the 82 hotels in Africa’s largest hotel chain. Now with 29 years in hospitality and her remarkably wide and varied travel history, Lorraine has a deep understanding of social norms, tourism, hospitality, challenges related to environmental issues, impacts and adaptations on climate change.

Her brainchild and business, Hotelstuff (an online directory of products and services for all sectors), was born in 2001 and was followed in 2009 by its sister, Greenstuff, a database of only eco friendly products. (Not a selling portal; just a free directory). Lorraine and Greenstuff stood at the forefront of the green wave in South Africa, breaking new ground in many quarters.

She has been honoured with sixteen awards to date.


  •   Climate Change Impact on Public and Private Sectors – mitigate, prepare and adapt

  •   Responsible Tourism and Green Hospitality – Economic, Social, Environmental and Political

  •   Green Guidelines for Professional Procurement and Supply Chain Managers – All products

  •   Sustainable Agriculture and Ethical Food – international trends

  •   Conscious Design for Sustainable Lifestyle/ Décor/ Fashion

  •   Green your business, manufacturing, operations and sales

  •   Going Green: Why, what and how in easy steps

  •   Victim of Circumstance or Master of Your Destiny for underprivileged youth.

  •   Gurus have Guts (TEDx)


  •   Pretoria High School for Girls

  •   Wits Teachers’ Training College – B.Com HDipEd

  •   Montessori Education – two diplomas – American Montessori Association

  •   Purchasing and Supply Chain Management – Newport/Janus University

  •   International Purchasing Management – Newport/Janus University

  •   Carbon Auditing, Sequestration and Certification – Training with Green Leaf

  •   Green Interiors Design and Decor - Green Building Council South Africa

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