Laurent Combalbert
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Laurent Combalbert was for many years an officer of the RAID (Recherche, d’Assistance, d’Intervention et de Dissuasion). RAID is recognized as one of the best unites in the world, specializes in anti-terrorist activities and managing complex situations such as hostage taking, kidnappings, mutinies, hijacking and more. Laurent Combalbert, specialized in crises, trained many officers in this particular job and managed dozens of hostage-takings, extortions and kidnappings with a matter of life and death. He formed and led teams of experts in charge of solving complex and non-conventional crises around the world.

Based on his experience in managing complex situations in an intervention group, the analysis of cases experienced and addressing the management of men on a chase, Laurent Combalbert strikes conferences and seminars on leadership, teamwork, ethics, values, collective performance, the strategic management of the complexity, decision making, debriefing and transmission of knowledge and skills. He presents with humour and an impressive powerpoint presentation with exclusive video material of the RAID.

After studying law, political science and criminology, Laurent Combalbert joined the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Police Officers. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and currently the Associate Director within the GEOS group. He leads a team of forty crisis negotiators around the world and advises many business leaders and institutions in their recruiting teams and crisis management in the implementation of their policies on risk prevention.
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