World Champion, Triathlete, Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Philanthropist..

Kate Strong is on a mission to unite the world of doing good and the world of making money one entrepreneur at a time.

From an early age, Kate Strong set out to question everything and prove that living within society’s comfort zone doesn’t always create inspiring and extraordinary results.

Living with a curious and challenging frame of mind, Kate’s achieved quite a range of accomplishments and has packaged up what she learnt along the way to offer her clients a simple & structured way of stepping up and creating a triple-profitable business that they want to run; profitable for the founder, for the planet and for people.

In her coaching, she passes on the mindset of a World Champion triathlete, the love of structures based upon two Engineering Masters degrees, the compassion of being a plant-based philanthropist and the intuition of a trainee Reiki Master!

Conference topics :

- Profit on Purpose: Satisfy growing customer demand for your business to be a force for good

- Bringing Intuition to Business: How to nurture your gut feelings and translate to measurable business success

- Mindset for Success: Learn How to Get You Out of the Way of your Business' Success

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