Jean Christophe Bonis
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An extraordinary job

Speaker, blogger, writer, passionate about new technologies and tireless globe-trotter, Jean Christophe has been an expert on all digital innovations for more than 15 years. Artificial intelligence, biotechnology, robotics, nanotechnologies and examines their uses and analysis their impact on the behavior of citizens and consumers for decades to come.

After working as a financial analyst for investment funds, he decided to leave everything to give meaning to his life. He has traveled the 5 continents to meet the humanity of today. A privileged witness of the changes of our time, he tries to reveal the gigantic challenges that our species is just beginning to face.

By founding Oxymore, the "strategy store" dedicated to technological innovations, Jean Christophe fully invests his role as a business leader engaged in the ecosystem of start-ups. Defender of the "Tech for Good", he strives to paint a picture without complacency of our possible futures. Through his stories and reflections, he puts his experience at the service of a better understanding of these "Deep techs" that invade our daily lives and that outline the outline of a 4.0 society.
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