Jean-Louis Etienne
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Specialized in nutrition and biology of the sport, Dr Jean-Louis Etienne has taken part as MD and organized various expeditions to the Himalayas, Patagonia, Arctic and Antarctic regions.

A tireless advocate of environmental conservation, Dr Jean-Louis Etienne organized expeditions to the Polar regions aboard Antarctica, a unique sailing ship for the polar exploration. To heighten public opinion's awareness of their role in the earth's climatic and life cycle, he is running Educational Programs.

1975      Patagonia Alpine Expedition.
1976      Tall ship Race for the bicentennial of the USA independency.
1977-78      Whitbread Race Around the World.
1979      Greenland North-West Coast navigation.
1981      Himalayan Broad Peak Expedition 24 500 feet (non on top).
1982       Patagonian Channel and crossing of the Hielo Continental.
1983      Mount Everest by the North-West Ridge (non on top).
1986       North Pole Solo on skis, reached on May 11th, 1986.
1987      Magnetic North Pole expedition.
1988      Greenland South-North crossing on dog sledge.
1989-90      Trans Antarctica. Co leader with the American Will Steger of the international expedition across the Antarctic Continent on dogsledge (4 000 miles in 7 months).
1991-92      Patagonia, Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctic Peninsula navigations.
1993-94      Mount Erebus volcano in Antarctica.
1995-96      Arctic Expedition :  a  wintering in Spitzbergen, Svalbard Islands
2002      Arctic Drift Expedition from the North Pole a board the Polar Observer.
2004-2005 Clipperton Island expedition.
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