Grégory Lecoeur
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From childhood, his interest in nature is obsessive, often worth the reprimands of his parents. The free time was spent exploring the countryside and nearby streams, his gaze during school hours, tirelessly drawn to the window overlooking the sea.

Originally from Nice on the Côte d'Azur, Grégory Lecoeur had the opportunity to dip his fins or sail on the Belle Bleue at a very young age, boosted by the adventures of Commander Cousteau and influenced by the movie The Big Blue.

The Mediterranean Sea is one of his favorite places, especially the Grand Large. Favorite destination to satisfy this thirst for knowledge in marine biology, make his first experiences in snorkeling, scuba diving and his first shots.

After studying business, he followed the path of his father becoming a business leader for 10 years. Despite the success, time passes, the deep desire to explore the marine world have awakened the little voice that
we all know. The desire to live one's life as one hears it, one's passion, one's dreams - at least trying - has become stronger than anything else.

At 32, he left France for a world tour that will last twelve months, only equipped with a backpack, the title of scuba diving instructor and a camera underwater.

The adventure begins in Galapagos which will be a revelation. The destinations follow one after the other: Mexico, Honduras, United States, British Columbia and other horizons such as Indonesia, Micronesia, the Philippines are on the list. He takes a liking to this nomadic void and falls in love with animal encounters.

Back in France, the portfolio of images impresses to the four corners of the planets. Pictures and articles are published, here he is again traveling, this time as a submarine photo-reporter ... destinations, meetings and reports follow one another.

Five years later, he realizes that the change of life bet is won when the famous National Geographic institution names him Nature Photographer of the Year 2016.

From now on, he lives fully his passions for Oceans and photography. The adventure is her daily life with the aim of capturing the emotions of the living world in order to witness by the image of the fragility of our oceans and the need to preserve our beautiful planet.
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