Gaël Chatelain
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Gaël Chatelain has spent more than two decades working as a senior manager in some of France’s most prestigious media companies (TF1, Canal + , NRJ Group) and public institutions (INA). He is also an entrepreneur, having created two cutting-edge companies focused on new technologies. 


Throughout his career, Gael has always put staff well-being at the top of his management priorities. Personal experience with teams has showed him time and time again that people who are treated fairly and with kindness at work are more productive and loyal to their companies.


Noting the growing gap between employee expectations and business practices in today’s world of work, Gael decided to call upon his experience as an established author (Michel Lafon, 2008, Hachette 2017) and consultant to share his insights on how companies can improve productivity and staff well being by putting kindness at the centre of management practices. His consulting firm « Feelgood Management » is the result.



Gaël’s keynotes  are about  everyday life, giving simple and intuitive solutions to improve our working life, better our relationship with our colleagues and bosses and, ultimately, transform companies themselves. Gaël’s keynotes are entertaining and well-documented; and aim to galvanise listeners to act to build happier and more productive workplaces.



Subjects for discussion:

- Kindness in management

- Management 3.0

- Putting digital at the service of well-being

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