Floriane Damevin
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Floriane Damevin Founder of D & M HomeStyling, a concept of humanistic decoration favoring the inner well-being through the "in & out".

Self-taught entrepreneur full of life, passionate about decoration and lifestyle sharing her keys during travels. Space designer, homestyleuse Workshops and conferences facilitator 12 years of professional experience 57 projects designed - 5293 followers 5 countries - 2 languages ​​- 10 ebooks - 1 blog ...

Approach :

Public : the occupants of a home, tradesmen, craftsmen, restaurateurs, and professionals all sectors ...

Benefits : Better living at home, better health, more comfort, happiness, serenity and productivity.

Floriane Damevin offers tailor-made interventions, from 1h to 5 days to discover Homestyling processes for pleasure and / or work .. Conferences, courses, workshop workshops, introductory days, aperitif-deco, homestyle-cafés, internships , seminars in company, Homestyleur and Prostyleur trainings ..

A wide choice of themes depending on the sector of activity, and also tailor-made topics. Arrangement, decoration, furniture, functions, colors, materials, forms, places of life, water features, sleeping areas, DIY, Eco-home, lifestyle & hapiness, interiors, exteriors, workspaces ..


And if ... ?

..., happiness came from within?
..., the essential was already present right there?
..., just had to reveal our true nature?
... our treasure was present here and now?
... it was enough to be more aware of what is?
..., it was enough to sublimate the space to be better?
..., it was enough to connect to the world to be Self?
..., the method of happiness was simply to re-live?
Homestyling explores the ego to give style to the Home.

Topics :

° Sublimate spaces according to his Art of living.
What do your spaces reveal about your personality?
° Moral and health improved thanks to a revamped space.
° The benefits of Homestyling: the intuitive decoration.
° Optimize a workspace: how and why?
° Better employee well-being in 10 key decorations at work.
° Convince your customers thanks to the atmosphere of your spaces.
° Rearrange a workspace for better energy.
° Shaping an institution in its image: impacts and benefits.
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