Euan Semple is an expert in advising organisations how to maximise the benefits of "Social Business". The disruptive effects of technology impact all of us, whether as a result of the rapid changes in the world of work or the personal impact of an always on world. Euan Semple offers an inspiring, yet reassuring, perspective on these changes based on his unique experiences as one of the pioneers of the use of social tools in the workplace.

Since introducing forums, blogs, and wikis into the BBC more than a decade ago Euan has worked around the world helping organisations such as The World Bank, The UN, BP, Syngenta, and KPMG use the social web to increase business effectiveness and improve customer relations. As a senior manager he appreciates the challenges of running large, complex organisations and is realistic about the difficulties of change. However he is also passionate about the power of more connected working to ensure business success in the future. Euan's book 'Organizations Don't Tweet, People Do' is considered a must read for those grappling with the effects of the connected world on the workplace.

His inspiring stories will help you understand the networks that increasingly build customer loyalty, drive innovation, foster collaboration and maximise productivity. Euan cuts through the hype and high level philosophising to offer practical approaches to removing digital barriers and becoming an agile organisation. His focus is on giving you the means to improve your capability and effectiveness in challenging times.

A master story teller Euan's unforgettable presentations are delivered with clarity and inspiring focus. He has an unstuffy approach to keynotes adopting a conversational style that intimately engages audiences even in the largest venues.
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