Axel Allétru
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Allétru is dedicated to motocross. While he was considered one of the great hopes of French motocross, Axel falls seriously during the World Championships in 2010. The verdict is clear: at 20, he finds himself paraplegic. But rather than resigning, rather than being angry, he learns resilience.

Hard work in rehabilitation will take him much further along the path of healing than doctors could have predicted, he walks again today on crutches! He converted to the swimming disability in 2011 and today he is 12 times champion of France, European champion and record holder in the 50m and 100m freestyle.

During the conferences and interventions of Axel Alletru, he discusses his career as a fighter and puts into perspective the resources used daily to overcome the test of paraplegia and preserve his soul champion. Its same resources can be used in companies seeking to develop strong values, to create the cohesion of their teams and to overcome the various difficulties that a company may experience.

Drawing on his inspiring history of former world champion Motocross and 12 times French champion in swimming Handisport, Axel conveys strong values ​​of resilience, surpassing oneself, performance, disability and rebounding against failure. Its purpose is to show that one can trust life, by trusting oneself.
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