Arthur Guérin-Boëri
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Arthur Guérin-Boëri is a French apnea champion, specialist of the dynamic apnea of ​​which he is world champion in 2013, 2015 and 2016. Since his discovery of apnea in 2010, he has won 4 world records and 5 world titles. He is the most successful Frenchman in the history of this sport.

Arthur Guérin-Boëri was born in Nice in 1984. He grew up and continued his studies as a sound engineer in the Paris region, where he discovered the sports apnea in 2010, within the club Apnée Passion (Montreuil-93). Very quickly, his supervisors see him as a born competitor. He started the competition on the advice of Éric Poline in 2012, by integrating the competition training line of Val-de-Marne AccrO2, directed by Guillaume Lescure who becomes his coach. In May 2013, at the French Championships in Mulhouse, he was spotted by the staff of the Team de France who offered him to join the France group in anticipation of the World Apnea Championships.

He left for Kazas (UK), in August 2013, for the CMAS GAMES (World Championships of Underwater Activities organized by the CMAS), and became World Champion for the first time, in dynamic apnea without fins (DNF), in crossing 200 m in small pool, signing by the same a new world record.

He reiterated in 2015 in Mulhouse at the 8th CMAS Indoor Diving World Championships, this time covering 183 meters in the big pool. He won gold and a new world record in the big pool (WR).

Also in 2015, in Ischia (IT), he became champion and world record holder of Jump Blue (JB) at the 1st CMAS Outdoor World Championships.

Arthur Guérin-Boëri is the only French athlete to have accumulated 2 World Championship titles in the same season, and the first French athlete to accumulate World Championship titles in both outdoor and indoor environments.

At Chartres in 2015, during the French FFESSM Championships, he equalized his world record by swimming 200m in dynamic apnea without fin (DNF), and chained with 250 m in dynamic apnea with fins (DYN) and 6 min 22 s in static apnea (STA). He becomes champion of France 2015 and totals 603 points in the combined, the largest combined ever made in the history of French freediving (NR).
In 2015, he added to his training in apnea a personal follow-up in physical preparation, provided by Enguerrand Aucher.

In 2016, he became the first man to compete in the 300m event at the CMAS Apnea World Indoor Championships in Lignano, Italy. In October in Turkey, he retains his title of world champion in Jump Blue by swimming more than 200 m.

Arthur Guérin-Boëri continues to progress in depth, which is one of his main objectives. In this dynamic, he regularly stays in Nice, his hometown, where he gets acquainted with the natural environment, listening to the advice of apneists of the "Ecole Niçoise", like Guillaume Néry, Aurore Asso, or Morgan Bourc histo.

It favors national and international harmonization of federations, as well as apnea validation protocols, for a better understanding by the public and the media.

He says "Apnea, do not be afraid to try. It can help you get better in life.

Also in 2016, in Kas (TU), he retains his title of world champion Jump Blue (JB) at the 2nd CMAS Outdoor World Championship. They are close to a few centimeters from their record set the previous year.

Speaker, this athlete develops several topics :

Stress management
Risk taking
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