André Comte-Sponville
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André Comte-Sponville is the author of the famous philosophical book "Petit traité des grandes vertus". From courtesy to love while passing through courage and tolerance, Andre Comte-Sponville, inspired by the greatest philosophers, makes us discover eighteen of these virtues. Andre Comte-Sponville takes part regularly in university conferences and publications. In particular, he directed three issues of the philosophy international Review and performed conferences for several companies and associations (AGF, Thomson, PSA, Total, EDF, Groupama, Vivendi, Azur GMF, Galeries Fayette, Sopra, Crédit Mutual, Crédit co-operative, Axa, Dexia, Agricultural credit...) He is the author of many works, among which "Le Capitalisme est t-il moral ?", "Traité du désespoir et de la béatitude", "Dictionnaire philosophique", "Une éducation philosophique" et "Valeur et vérité". He is a very much-appreciated philosopher for his great knowledge but also for his clearness and his capacity to captivate any public.
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