American by birth and French by adoption Kayla Roarke is a key figure in French digital entrepreneurship. For more than 9 years, Kayla has presented new innovations, industry trends, product launches and startup pitches.

After studying at Washington U, a much-noticed stint on the Techstar accelerator in Seattle where she helps raise $ 4.5M to grow startups, she focused on Startup Exchange, the Techstar event arm she runs.
Having become a tech star across the Atlantic, Kayla moved to Paris in 2012 and joined 50 partners as an associate and became a key figure in the Paris tech ecosystem.

A great communicator, she then joined France Digitale as Managing Director, a position she held for two years before becoming moderator and entrepreneur.

her bilingual host / moderator curriculum ranges from hosting the NetExplo Innovation Forum & Talent at UNESCO in Paris to the unmissable France Digital Days at the Musée des Arts Forains, and more.
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por Kayla Roark

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